Man’s life turns tragedy in the blink of an eye

Larry was a respectable man within his community, who would go out of his way to help others. So much so that he would have cookouts at his home to raise awareness for the neighborhood watch. These events included; the local police department, fire department, The neighborhood residents and family friends. From this, Larry and his family gained the respect of the community and particularly the friendship of the local police officers.

Life was good for Larry. He enjoyed time with his grand kids, his stepson and his wife. Often times you would find neighborhood kids playing at his home with the grand kids and forming friendship with their parents. He would spend much time fishing with his stepson and his grand kids as well. His grand kids would often have sleepovers with their friends at his home. In doing so neighbors and friends would bring vegetables from their garden along with other items the hale’s may need. Around 2010 Larry placed a pool in the hale’s back yard for all the neighborhood kids to enjoy. During the winter months he would snow blow the neighbors driveways and walks and in the summer he would mow their lawns. While he enjoyed fishing he would also include his grand kids, his stepson, grand kids and their friends. During the carnival season he would take the grand kids to the fairs.

In February 2012 that all changed. He was sleeping on the couch in the early morning when there was a knock at the door. It was the Lincoln township police department. When his wife answered the door the officer asked if Larry was home, by that time Larry was standing up. They told Larry they had a warrant (but never showed one) and told him he was being arrested for 8 counts of CSC. They then proceeded down the stairs. Here is a man who has never been in trouble with the law, has strong ties to the community and a strong family bond being arrested out of nowhere.

We do not believe he was read his rights prior to being arrested.
Meanwhile his wife who was still in the apartment was told to come to the station by the officer. While she was getting dressed she called her son and told him what had happened.

At the station Larry was being questioned without an attorney present (see police report). As you can see officer wolff who is Larry’s friend refused to take Larry to jail so another officer who didn’t know Larry took him to jail instead. Later that evening Larry’s stepson called chief sullivan to make a statement being that he resided in the home and chief sullivan threatened to charge him with obstruct so a statement was never taken.

Larry had a close relationship with the mother and the father of the girls. They would come to the house on many occasions which included; Larry and the father doing odd jobs together, neighborhood watch and dinners. The Hale family has known the father and the mother for 25 yrs. The mother stated to the police that Larry had never done anything inappropriate to her or the kids.
Larry and his wife would babysit the girls and the boy on occasions which included overnight stays. During the visits Larry and his wife noticed they had head lice at which time Mrs. Hale treated them and herself. The Hale’s would be invited for dinners at the mother and father of the girls home and they would observe the father hitting the kids on the head with pop bottles, feeding them off of dishes on the floor and the kids digging in the trash for food.

In the summer of 2011 the Hale’s were asked by the girl’s mother and father to care for their animals while they were away. When Larry went over to check on the animals around 11:00am the air was off, the home was hot, a bad odor lingered the home and the animals had no food or water. A neighbor had approached Larry with a cell phone in his hand stating he was calling the authorities. So larry took some change off the counter and went and got the animals some food. When Larry returned and fed the animals the authorities showed up and stated they needed to come inside. Later on Larry was accused of stealing money. The animals were removed from the home. Later on the mother and father were charged with animal cruelty. As a result the children were also removed from the home.

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