Take your case out of Michigan

If you or your family has had  a member  with a low mental capacity  who has been wrongfully imprisoned based on courtroom politics in the  Berrien County Trial Courts, do not i repeat do not try submitting your case to the innocence clinic they refuse to hear the case.

take a look at the guidelines for the Michigan Innocence clinic above the application.(application). How are they suppose to know whether you meet the criteria for their clinic if they do not request or allow you to submit any  information about the case?  They list no criteria you have to meet in order to submit an application to them. they support wrongful convictions, otherwise they wouldn’t tell this man his right to have his innocence back is being denied(innocence clinic decision).

I have submitted all the documentations to an innocent project in another state which did in fact list all the criteria’s you have to meet and submitted the documents to the case as well as Dr.  reports which they gladly accepted to determine their decision.  Larry does in fact meet the requirements there but he doesn’t meet the requirements here? Sounds like politicians  in Michigan protect their own from the mistakes they make.  Basically denied his case everywhere in Michigan down to the innocence clinic.

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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