The Plea

Tat approached us and told us that Larry decided to take a plea and it was his decision. It was also explained to Tat once again about Larry’s cognitive issue. In the courtroom Tat told Judge Lasata Larry signed the plea but he didn’t get a chance to explain it to him( plea-pdffiller). That night Larry called home thinking he was going to court the next day and we explained to him what happened and there was no longer court the next day.

That same night Larry’s cell mate wrote a letter for Larry to the judge Lasata to withdraw his plea. The next day we contacted Tat and notified him that Larry wanted to withdraw his plea and Tat was against it( see document). So the family fired Tat because it was clear that he was working with Michael Sepic( Prosecutor) against Larry. We then hired Martin Kirk who then filed the withdrawal. Tat then met with Martin to hand him the case file and the amount stated on the letter(see document).

Withdrawal Hearing. During the withdrawal hearing Martin Kirk succeeded in eliminating points against Larry. Judge Lasata stated he felt Larry’s Family coaxed him into backing out of his plea and also stated he doesn’t like to accept no contest pleas but he let Tat and the prosecutor talk him into it. He denied the withdrawal even though it was within the deadline.

We had learned then during the investigation the prosecutor’s office had stated to the lincoln township police department that Larry is not to be questioned or talked to until after he has been arrested.
The investigation consisted of talking to the people which would prosecute Larry but did not talk to his wife, his stepson, his grandson or his mom and neighbors. If they would have done a thorough investigation in a professional manner they would have found that the statements given were untrue.

  • The girls stated Mrs. Hale slept in the bed sometimes. She has slept in a recliner since she went into congestive heart failure Dec 24, 1983.
  • They stated Larry had a gun under the bed. Larry has never owned a gun.
  • They stated he kept slippers near the bed. He kept them by the front door so he could take the dog out.
  • They stated Larry made a pallet on the living room floor. He always slept in the bedroom.
  • They stated Larry did these things while Mrs. Hale went to the laundromat or the store. They had a washer and dryer( see receipt) and she could not drive due to her vision and health issues.
  • They stated Larry’s bedroom door would be sometimes open sometimes closed. He never slept with the door closed in case of an emergency.

Sentencing hearing. Prior to going into the courtroom Judge Lasata sent a bailiff out with a message he was going to throw the stepson in jail if he spoke. He also ordered a bailiff to remove someone who came to support Larry out of the courtroom, but whoever was there to support the girls were allowed to make audible comments and Laughing. Larry was sentenced 10 to 15 years parallel to the Michael Barrett case.

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Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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