Forensic, Prison and disability evaluations

Larry has been on disability for his mental impairment issue. Here are the results of his psychological exam to show that this impairment just didn’t start after the plea it has been on going since 1989.Larry Hale’s Social Security disability exam.

When we realized the courts were not going to listen about Larry’s cognitive issue we decided to have Larry tested. We found Dr. Kitchen who specializes in forensic psychology to test him. As soon as the jail learned of the Dr. coming early the next morning they sent Larry out to Jackson prison. He was tested at the prison and they determined him to have a low iq.

Then Dr. Kitchen went to the prison to evaluate Larry and his results was an iq of 62( test results). Therefore Dr. Kitchen stated in his report Larry could not have understood a plea deal and will often agree with those in authority. It is important to point out anything below 70 is borderline deficiency and 55-69 is mild mental retardation( see document).

During these proceedings the mother stated to Mrs. Hale she was not involved nor does she want any involvement. The father had no involvement until the sentencing even though he did not participate. The uncle’s involvement was to retaliate against Larry because of his brother’s kid’s getting taken away. It also appeared that there was a close relationship between the uncle and the cps worker. As things unfolded we learned the girl’s uncle was involved in the barrett case( which stated under oath he didn’t).

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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