Time Line of events

time line-pdffiller (1)uncles statement-pdffiller. Notice the time line of events from 9-19-2011 after Michael Barrett had been arrested how it then the allegations turned towards Larry during a counceling session on 9-19-2011. Then J.K had made the complaint 9-28-2011. Just a few days after Barrett’s arrest then Larry had became a victim.

As you can see from the time lines and the statements given the uncle put forth much effort to have an innocent man convicted of the same crime by the same statements used in the Michael Barrett Case. And also notice from the Barrett case artical  and the statements given by the uncle it was like doing the whole Michael Barrett case all over again with the exception it was an innocent man with a cognitive issue and his name was Larry.

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Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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