Lasata’s conflicting story, prejudice and non-impartiality

Notice tat had stated he didn’t have time to go over the plea but had him sign it while the judge read it aloud to him.

Notice the judge stated he was aware of Larry’s issues but yet did not have him evaluated prior to the plea.

Notice Lasata stating the court went over the plea individually but yet he had to listen to the tape. If the court went over it he would have known first hand not by listening to any tape.

He showed non impartiality and prejudice by both parties on their side relying on this plea  and no physical evidence and not withdrawing Larry’s plea in the interest of justice to allow his innocence to be proven.lasatas-non-impartial-pdffiller,conflicting-statements-pdffillerlasata-non-impartial-pdffiller

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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