The Corrupt Attorney

Community activist Edward Pinkney (left) and his attorney Tat Parish, in the hall outside Judge Schrock's courtroom Friday while the jury deliberates. Photo by John Madill, Oct. 31, 2014 this is a good photo to file for future mugshots of these two.

This Attorney railroaded Larry into prison for 10 to 15 yrs after knowing by a previous phone call to the Niles, Mi prosecutor inquiring about the Barrett case involving these two young girls. He had established Larry’s innocence upon the telephone conversation and prior to retainment. He then learned from the family that Larry had a severe cognitive issue and backed him into a corner to sign a plea not knowingly but willingly because he thought he could trust Tat Parish.

Tat had disclosed during the plea agreement hearing to the judge that he had not had a chance to explain it to Larry but he will have him sign it and needed the judge to read it aloud to him.

When Larry wanted to withdraw the same night of the plea hearing an inmate wrote a letter to Tat for Larry asking to withdraw his plea. Tat kept discouraging Larry out of withdrawing by telling him he would go back to court and face 25 to Life. Tat sat the motion to withdraw until almost the deadline so we had to hire another attorney to file the withdrawal which was filed in before the deadline expired.

Tat had withheld  documentation that would have proven Larry’s Innocence prior to signing the plea .

Here is a document showing that Tat has had his license suspended.20161104_120907

During the time that this attorney was allowing the assailants to conflict their stories during testimonies as well as stated the prosecutor practiced with them and told them what to say he did nothing to defend his client even though he had the documents in his file to show his clients innocence.  He never talked to any of Larry’s character witness nor did he have anyone testify on Larry’s behalf he just allowed his client to be boxed in by all 3 of them and the assailants and wrongfully imprisoned him even though Larry had alibis during this so called crime which never happened as well as character witnesses who has known Larry for many years .  This attorney is Corrupt and i would not use his law firm.

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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