Questions Needs answers

Are public safety properly  and professionally trained to conduct any CSC  investigations?

Was Lincoln Township’s investigation thorough and properly done when information was left out during their investigation and others were not included in their investigation even though they were involved with Larry.

Even though Lincoln Township was involved with the accusers previous case wouldn’t it have occurred to the detective that their statements had changed?

If Lincoln Township was not properly and professionally trained to handle such a case why didn’t they submit it over the Berrien County Sheriff’s department or State police?

Was it ok for the court not to allow Larry to be evaluated for low mental capacity even though test results show he is at a  age 10 capacity  Iq at 62 borderline mental retardation?

Was it okay for this prosecutor to prosecute this case even though the testimony given was recycled statements from a previous case?

Was it okay for this prosecutor to have an exparte  communication with the false accusers  as well as allow the accusers to return to his office 3 times before the warrant was issued?

Was it okay that the prosecutor had to tell the accusers what to say during the case?

Was it okay for the prosecutor to offer a plea under false pretenses to a man with a mental capacity of a 10 yr old?

Was it okay for Larry’s attorney to have Larry sign a plea before it was read to him under false pretenses based on untrue testimony?

Was it okay that the judge denied Larry’s withdrawal after Larry had told the court that he didn’t understand  even though it was done within the time frame given?

Was it okay that the judge blocked Larry from being able to appeal his case to a higher court?

Was it okay for this prosecutor and attorney to trick Larry into taking responsibility of the crime after they were made aware of Larry’s cognitive issue?


Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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