The prejudicial Judge

lasata This judge refused Larry’s right to withdraw his plea so he could prove his innocence. He accepted the conflicting statements of the girls in order to falsely imprison Larry for a crime that never happened. He stated he found Larry’s reasoning to withdraw his plea without merit  so he can block Larry’s chance at any appeal he may file. He also knew of Larry’s cognitive issue prior to the signing of the plea and didn’t order a compantancy  hearing to see if he could enter into a plea agreement. During his plea withdrawal hearing the Judge stated that he believed if Larry had went to trial he would be found guilty. He made this ruling based on no evidence just statements that were brought from a previous case with these girls.

The judge also allowed the uncle to read a letter that he had wrote containing statements that were used in judge Schofield’s sentencing of the Michael Barrett case in Niles Mi  court.

He also sent threats to the Hale family members out in the hallway of the court of being jailed if anything was said but he allowed the girls family to laugh and mock Larry and his supporters inside his courtroom.

The judge allowed Tat Parish to have Larry sign the plea in open court without it being explained to him first.

The judge stated he doesn’t normally do plea deals in this sort of case but he let Tat and Sepic talk him into it then he wouldn’t accept Larry’s withdraw.

Notice how the judge wouldn’t allow Larry’s plea to be withdrawn even though it was within the deadline  him being prejudice and non impartial towards Larry’s defense. lasatas-non-impartial-pdffiller

He only allows testing to be done to whomever he wants tested and he takes advantage of the mentally impaired to satisfy the justice system as well as to cover up the prosecutor’s fault when it comes to a false allegation that had been wrongfully prosecuted.

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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