You Will Do The Time For No Crime In Berrien County, Mi

Lincoln Township Public Safety conducts improper investigations leaving out valuable information as well as submits unsubstantiated statements in their reports. These statements are all based on everything but substantiated facts and details. This information which is used may pertain information leading from other cases. The way they handle certain investigations which they are not properly trained to handle consists of incorrect information which is submitted to the prosecutors office leading them to believe that the investigation was handled properly and an individual is guilty before innocent ( 14th amendment right violation). They conduct investigations without notification of any allegations made against someone within the duration of the investigations. They fail to ask questions which was important to the investigation. They question individuals ( low mental capacity) after being arrested but not prior to without council being present. When offering valuable information to their case ( which could show innocence ) they ignore the information and call people liars and threaten with obstructing justice even though no information had been given and leaves the information out of their report.

The prosecutor’s office issues warrants based on false statements given during the police investigation without any factual bases to the allegations. However the incorrect information in Lincoln Township’s report was reused from another case misleads the prosecutor’s office to believe they have probable cause. They condone false accusing due to the fact with an investigation report the was improperly done as well as poorly conducted leads them to believe the party guilty of a crime. They also encourage accusers to return to them as many times as needed even after their office denies first time warrants. They act as informants to the false accusers as well as prosecutes cases based on falsified statements on a report. They encourage false accusers to make false statements against innocent people as well as manipulates the justice system by coaching accusers and offering plea deals under false pretenses.

Judges allow individuals with a low mental capacity to be victimized by the judicial system then turn on their families making the accusers out to be the victims. They allow individuals to get stuck into plea deals even though the deals are under false pretenses as well as people with a low mental capacity not knowing and fully understanding them. They also allow false testimonies and recycled statements to be used in open court under false pretenses as well as under oath without any substantiated evidence to support the allegation. They also allow themselves to be talked into making decisions by attorneys and prosecutor’s that they normally wouldn’t make. They also block appeals but using the word merit in their statements to people with a low mental capacity because they know the person would not know it had been blocked.

Berrien County Attorney’s will sacrifice innocent clients due to office politics and steal your money. They have their clients sign a plea more so if they have a low mental capacity without explanation and are made aware of their innocence. They also have their client’s stay quiet so they believe they are helping them when really they want to make sure they can push their own agenda.

When submitting a case to all appellate courts they do not ask for any documents of the case they just deny it They really look at the technicalities and not the facts of the case or the behavior of out court officials.

Berrien County Trial Courts submit unproven information to the prison’s which puts prisoner’s in life threatening situations and making them ineligible for parole for not admitting to anything even when they have done nothing. When innocence have been maintained from start to finish and someone with a low mental capacity of a 9 1/2 yr old is told to keep quiet and sign a plea under false pretenses officials of the court should be investigated for official corruption. The public safety should be investigated for submitting a report with falsifying information and well as bad police work.

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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