Arraignment ; Prior to Larry’s arraignment a man( girl’s uncle) walked through the courthouse doors and stated to the grandparents I’m here to see what the –ck is going on even though he already knew. During the arraignment Judge Bruce stated to Larry about the no contact order and Larry replied “What about the van payment”?arraignment-pdffiller. Larry was arraigned the bond was set at $500,000. Following the arraignment it was realized this wasn’t going to go away as expected and it was time to hire an attorney.

We called a family friend who was an attorney that’s when we learned he could not represent Larry due to conflict of interest. That’s when we discovered these same girls were involved in another case in which this man plead guilty and this attorney was involved in. He then referred us to another attorney in Watervliet. Michigan Parish Law Firm. We felt confident in this attorney because he graduated with honors from Harvard Law School.

In the office of Tat Parish after explaining the situation and he was informed Larry’s accusers were involved in a similar case he then called the prosecutor’s office from that case which was held in Niles, Mi. He then learned the details of that case matched the details the girls gave on Larry.  From this conversation he determined these were false allegations against Larry. For example the girls stated in both cases that;

  • They were threatened with a gun which was hidden under the bed.
  • Slippers next to the bed.

                     After Tat was retained he asked for diagrams of the living space and sleeping arrangements(diagram-pdffiller). We also stated to him that Larry Had a cognitive issue.

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Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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