From Police detective to Police chief

This police officer was moved up in rank from detective to police chief of Lincoln Township  police department, Berrien  County Mi. He wants the peoples confidence and Respect however he failed miserably as a police detective. As a detective he improperly handled a csc case by not completing the investigation properly and thoroughly. He interviewed only those that he wanted to interview and the investigation to him was complete.

According to many of Lincoln Townships reports this officer was involved with the family who made the false allegation against Larry as well as prior cases that they had been involved in. However the officer had a memory relapse apparently because he was also involved with their previous csc case and did not further investigate the matter when the statements that were given to them about what Larry had done  was also the statements that were given  about what Larry had done  was identical to  the statements to what had happened in the previous case which the detective was aware of.

So the questions remain. Is he a decorative officer for not doing his job properly?  Is he an honest police officer when a further investigation should have been done being that he was involved with both csc cases with identical statements?  Did he mislead the public  by not getting to the truth during the investigation? Was he a detective looking to make a name for himself by gaining a higher rank so he manipulated the investigation to make sure an innocent  man  with a low mental capacity would be arrested  and imprisoned for a crime that was mirrored from a previous case this officer had been involved with.




Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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