Uncles involvement in the Case.

Uncles Recital-pdffiller (1)barret article-pdffiller. If you notice between the speech of the uncle in Larry’s case and the actual article of the previous 2 defendants 1 which had nothing to do with the barrett case, The judge used the same identical speech towards the 2 defendants.

Notice the inconsistency of the uncle’s letters and the testimony he gave about the car ride and who was in the car the day this allegation was made was not the same people and who told who about this. uncles-statement-pdffillerprelim hearing statement-pdffiller

Notice the uncle also stated that day of the car ride was the first he heard about the allegation which was 9-25-2011 but according to a counseling document a session was attended on 9-19-2011  the very same day Michael Barrett was arrested thats when Larry’s name was brought up. Then on 9-28-2011 the uncle made the call to CPS.

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Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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