Appellate Courts

All of Larry’s appeals have been exhausted even though he had grounds to appeal on. They denied them all without merit as so the Berrien County Trial Court Judge did when a motion to withdraw his plea based on innocence and his cognitive issue of not understanding what a plea agreement was had been denied without merit as well. So the judge had blocked his case from ever being appealed in such a way they could not appeal on constitutional rights violations.

01 Motion for appeal in lower court,  02 Michael Sepic(prosecutor) response to Larry’s Appeal,  01 Michigan Court of Appeals motion 02 Court of Appeals Response  03 Court of Appeals Decision,  Michigan Supreme Court Appeal Motion Michigan Supreme Court Decision,  01 Federal Court Motion to Appeal 1st federal court appeal denial  03Attorney’s response to argument  04 Federal Judge’s Decision files submitted Judge Rosen

Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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