Preliminary Hearing

We began the preliminary hearing which seemed like a mock trial against Larry. During the course of the hearing the one girl was asked if the prosecutor told her what to say she stated “yes”. The youngest girl was asked to point out the defendant and she pointed at the judge.(prelim hearing statement-pdffiller). The woman that counseled the girls during the Barrett case was also present in the courtroom sitting in the front row visibly coaching the girls. At a session with this counselor the girls were asked numerous times other than michael barrett has anyone ever touched you they said “no”(see counseling documents). After the hearing Tat Parish and Michael Sepic were seen laughing together coming out of the courtroom and looked and Larry’s wife. Again believing this would be dropped for lack of evidence and the girls inconsistency Judge Lasata bound it over(see documents).

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Innocent man with congnitive disability railroaded by Berrien County Michigan Courts

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